Biến tần Yaskawa T1000V

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Biến tần Yaskawa T1000V textile machinery
Biến tần Yaskawa T1000V

The T1000V is the compact size Inverter for textile application. It includes many useful features and functions which correspond to the needs of textile machinery.
Heat sink and cold plate versions for water cooler mounting available
PCB coating suitable for textile production — for highest reliability in typical textile applications
Power loss ride-through function — safe operation status at all times, including for synchronised drives with shared DC link
Traverse function — for optimised yarn winding
Sensorless control of induction and PM motors
Motor overheat protection via output current sensor
Overheat input signal for braking resistor (Optional ERF-type, 3% ED)
Stall prevention is available during acceleration, deceleration, and during run. Separate settings for each type of stall prevention determine the current level at which stall prevention is triggered
Circuit protection (“fan-lock” sensor)
Electronic circuit protection